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I am a senior community-centric marketing and communications professional and I LOVE building companies and their communities by connecting people, ideas, and innovation and by creating unique experiences that result in increased brand love, exposure, partnerships and deal flow.

Companies hire me to build and/or optimize their current growth trajectory with a bona fide community layer supported by strategic communications and outreach to rally and delight their most cherished people.

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 Chief Rising Up Officer

Community. Communications. Connections. Kindness.

 Founder + Ring Leader

Created and lead SF’s largest, longest-running, and most-loved tech community and event series.

 Founder + Executive Producer

Founded and nurtured the FoodBytes! community and produced national events to identify and showcase the best-of-the-best in food and agribusiness. "Where the best ideas in food and capital come to the plate."

 Founding Father + VP, Public Affairs + Comms

Pioneering community-building by using the Internet to get people off the Internet!

 Director, Ecosystem + Programming

Created and lead corporate innovation + startup engagement programming for Fortune 500 clients.

 Executive Producer, MC + Instigator

1000+ startups currated + demo'd live on stage across 300+ events. 55,000+ tickets sold.

 Online Marketing Pioneer

Invented online advertising and online publicity by "driving traffic" to our Fortune 100 clients during the dawn of the Internet.

 Investor, Consultant, Advisor



Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
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Myles Weissleder