Community Marketing Director

Pivotal is at the forefront of aviation, reshaping the future of flight with our personal electric aircraft. No pilot license req'd! Fly with us!

 Chief Rising Up Officer

Community. Communications. Connections. Kindness.


A Community of Inspired Innovators, Explorers, and Trailblazers!

 Founder + Ring Leader

Created and lead SF’s largest, longest-running, and most-loved tech community and event series.

 Founder + Executive Producer

Founded and nurtured the FoodBytes! community and produced national events to identify and showcase the best-of-the-best in food and agribusiness. "Where the best ideas in food and capital come to the plate."

 Founding Father + VP, Public Affairs + Comms

Pioneering community-building by using the Internet to get people off the Internet!

 Director, Ecosystem + Programming

Created and lead corporate innovation + startup engagement programming for Fortune 500 clients.

 Executive Producer, MC + Instigator

1000+ startups currated + demo'd live on stage across 300+ events. 55,000+ tickets sold.

 Online Marketing Pioneer

Invented online advertising and online publicity by "driving traffic" to our Fortune 100 clients during the dawn of the Internet.

 Investor, Consultant, Advisor



Hello! Thanks for flying in!

I am a passionate community-led marketing and communications professional. I build brands and their communities by connecting people, ideas, and innovation and by creating unique experiences that result in increased brand love, exposure, partnerships and deal flow.

I am currently engaged in one of the most exciting and fun projects I've ever had. As Pivotal's head of community marketing, I am introducing the Helix, the first personal electric aircraft available on the market and shipping now. The Helix is like no other aircraft on Earth. As an ultralight craft, it weighs less than 350 pounds and takes off vertically with thrust from its eight fully redundant electric motors into a hover, and then cruises at speeds over 60 mph for about 20 miles or 20 minutes whichever comes first. It lands vertically, as well. No runway needed! It's a smile-maker, leaving its pilots in awe, not wanting to come down. It's a dream.

I create fantastic flying events and build community-driven programs to share the future of aviation with the world while inventing a new catagory: affordable personal aircraft you don't need a pilot license to fly. Blue skies ahead!

How'd I get here? As a veteran marketer, I excel in building legion with communities, event creation and production, member engagement and empowerment, integrated and experiential marketing, bottom-up story-telling flywheel wizardry, and creative direction and execution to create and nurture inroads to increased B2C, B2B, C2B connectivity and positive outcomes. I fully endorse go-to-community (GTC) as a winning go-to-market strategy.

I've worked with hundreds of startups and have been a part of a few myself, including SF New Tech, which I founded and ran for 15 years as SF's largest tech community and event series. I started FoodBytes, now the global center of innovations in food. I led Meetup's communications and public affairs as one of its founding fathers to create one of the world's most-loved brands for Community. I was invited to the White House under Obama for my work in building community for innovators in San Francisco.

I can't stop, won't stop connecting people, ideas, and innovation! I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing. So if you've got a killer idea, I want to hear about it! Maybe even on the trail! I built
It's In The Air, an exclusive hiking community that connects high-achievers in tech, business, and creative fields through our AI-powered "Smart Hikes". Smart Hikes use machine learning to match members based on shared interests, personalities, and goals to facilitate serendipitous connections and high-value conversations on the trail. Through beautiful outdoor experiences, this curated community discovers new perspectives, sparks innovative ideas, and cultivates meaningful relationships. I conceived and developed It's In The Air to exemplify what I call "Applied Serendipity" - bringing together passionate people in an intentional yet unexpected way to create peak human experiences and drive positive change.

On the personal front ... I live in Marin County, California with my wonderful wife, two incredible teenagers, and a bulky-pulke rescue pittie named Twyla. I love cooking creative slow-food meals. Currently garlic, lemon, dijon, and EVOO are my best friends in the kitchen; and tomatoes, onions, and cilantro are jealous. I am an avid photographer and not-too-avid writer. I love building new-fangled things from nothing. You can usually find me hiking around the green or scorched-earth hills of Northern California, sitting on the beach, or wiping poison oak off the dog. I once had a floating office that was literally anchored out in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.

I'm a music nut. Spotify likes to feed me Americana indie jamband folk roots acoustic artists, probably because of my killer Nugget Bucket playlist. If I can hit a Phish show or five, I will. I'm not a musician but I can play a really mean steering wheel.

I have a very special place in my heart for Block Island. Block Island is the smallest town in the smallest state. It's where I learned my way around the kitchen. And it's where I LOVE to take photos. Check out As an experiment, my daughter Summer and I launched Block Island Pillows, a fun online store with pillows made from images from my old Block Island postcard collection, and are learning a ton! I also recorded a soundtrack there and it's streaming everywhere - check it out: Block Island Soundtrack - Volume 1!




Nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
Have a cup of coffee and catch your breath!

Myles Weissleder